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1. What is Electric heating System?
It is new fashion and healthy electronic, composed of Controller, coil wire, Titanium Nail, Carb & Cap. when Compared with ordinary torch, it is safer and can be accurately heat the Ti Nail.

3. How does Enail work ?
It can be powered from 110V-240V. when power it, then the PID can work, setting such as 710 F, it can controller the coil and reach 710 F, Then the Coil can heat the Titanium nail offer heat 
4. Who uses the Electric Nail ?
Module Manufacture

5.What is coil wire?
Coil wire is the one offering the heat. usually can be 10mm, 16mm, 20mm.
6. Is the Enail unsafe ?
No, it is just powered by electric, not gas, So it will not expored as the torch.

7. What is the payment choice ?
Usually western union, bank transfer(TT), Money Gram, Paypal will be preferred. 

8, what is shipping service ?
Air express will be offered as fast service, such as DHL, usually it will take less than  5 days for the customers to get the products. After orders' sent, tracking number can be offered for tracking the orders online.