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Name: Jan Li
Add: 813, Bldg. B, Jinrongguang Bldg., No. 142, Songyu Road, Songgang Street, Baoan Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Skype: Schonwancigareete
MSN: Skype: Schonwancigareete

About Us
Schonwan Tech is a professional electric heating research, development, design firm here in Shenzhen city of china. Since established, we have got over 300 partners abroad, as those smoke shops, online sales from USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, Romania, France, Indonesia and more other countries. Our successful development has something to do with the followings;

1, Good Quality Service

We have a professional R&D team, New designed products will be tested around and around before produced. When formally go into the produce line, every employee will obey the strict quality rules to work. At the last QC will check the product to ensure that qualified products can be offered to our partners.

At the moment, Our products have got approvals of CE, RoHS, SGS, FCC.

2, Good Shipping Service

Schonwan Tech always insists that customers’ time is precious. So when send the orders, fast and safe shipping way are always suggested and offered, such as DHL Air Express. of Which it will take around 5 days( or less then 5 days) for the customers to get the orders.After we send the orders, we first usually would show shipped order pictures for customers to ensure that all are the right products. Then we will send the tracking number for them while it can be tracked on them.

When the orders go to customers’, shipping man can call them, then just sign and get the order.


3, Good warranty service.

For the whole products, warranty will usually be 1 international way. For the accessories, it will be half a year.

Warranty time begins when we send the orders.

When it is necessary to ask for this service, a picture or a video is asked to verify, then the service can be done within 5 days.



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